Requirements for local space heaters

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The energy label for local space heaters using solid, liquid or gaseous fuel provides information on the energy efficiency and nominal heat output of the appliances declared with it. Electric local space heaters are not classified in energy efficiency classes and do not have an energy label.

Minimum requirements apply to domestic local space heaters with a nominal heat output of 50 kW or less and commercial local space heaters with a nominal heat output (of the product or of an individual segment) of 120 kW or less.

New: Electric local room heaters should now consume even less electricity in future. The Federal Council has adopted stricter minimum requirements for these appliances than the EU. The new requirements apply as of 1 January 2024.


Fact sheet

Enforcement aid for the implementation of regulations governing systems and appliances in accordance with the Federal Energy Efficiency Ordinance


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Last modification 24.01.2023

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