Winners of the 2008 Watt d’Or awards

The winners of the 2008 Watt d'Or awards have been chosen! This year's trophies were presented to the winners on the occasion of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy's New Year's event that was held on 8 January 2008 in Bern. The following projects were chosen to receive the various awards (all of which are of equal value):

“Society” category

Watt d'Or 2008 - Bild 1

“Sustainability in a small municipality”, Commune di Coldrerio
For the past few years the administration of Coldrerio has been in the hands of a young, self-assured and forward-looking team that devotes a great deal of time and effort to dealing with energy and environmental issues in this municipality that numbers just 2,600 inhabitants. Their achievements have been impressive, and these have now been honoured in that Coldrerio has been awarded the 2008 Watt d'Or in the “Society” category.

“Energy technologies" and “Renewable energies" categories

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“Domat/Ems Block 2 biomass power plant”, Tegra Holz & Energie AG
Christian Welte and Orlando Jäger recognised the spirit of the times at an early stage and have constructed a biomass power plant in Domat/Ems that in its final form will be the largest of its kind in Europe. For the past two years, Tegra AG – which was established in 2004 – has been producing energy from waste wood, and in 2007 it commenced operation of Block 2, which supplies EMS-Chemie with process steam.

“Energy-efficient mobility" category

Watt d'Or 2008 - Bild 3

“Hybrid bus for public transport” and “Hybridbus lighTram 3”, Eurobus group and Carrosserie Hess AG
Hybrid technology is now also being developed for use in the public transport sector. Two Swiss companies are playing a pioneering role here and have jointly been awarded the 2008 Watt d'Or in the “Energy-efficient mobility” category for their efforts. Hess AG, which was established more than a century ago in Bellach near Solothurn, has developed a hybrid bus that it will soon be bringing onto the market. When it introduces a service with a hybrid bus in Lenzburg, public transport provider Eurobus, which operates in Windisch (canton of Aargau), will be the first company in Switzerland to take this significant step.

“Buildings" category

Watt d'Or 2008 - Bild 4

“Modernisation of Magnusstrasse 28”, Viridén + Partner AG
Architects Viridén + Partner renovated and modernised a dilapilated apartment house in Zurich District 4 within the space of just six months. Despite the fact that the building is under a preservation order, the architects were able to create additional living space and meet the Minergie standard for new buildings.

Watt d'Or 2008 - Bild 5

“Green offices in Givisiez”, Conrad Lutz Architecte Sàrl
The “green offices” in Givisiez, near Fribourg, are the first administration complex in Switzerland that combines the stringent Minergie-P standard with a clean and ecological method of construction. This accomplishment earned the architect the 2008 Watt d'Or award in the “Buildings” category.

Special award

Watt d'Or 2008 - Bild 6

The jury's special award went to Josef Jenni for his lifework devoted to the promotion of solar energy
Josef Jenni (54) is a leading pioneer in the field of solar energy, as well as an environmental activist, an inventor and an entrepreneur. In addition to the numerous awards he has already received in the past, he can now add the 2008 Watt d'Or jury's special award in recognition of his lifework.

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