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Energy research

Within the scope of Energy Strategy 2050, Parliament approved the development and operation of eight Swiss Competence Centres for Energy Research (SCCERs). This move paved the way for the creation of additional capacities in the field of applied energy research at Switzerland’s universities and colleges of technology between 2013 and 2020. In addition, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy was granted additional funding for pilot and demonstration projects, a programme of limited duration was introduced for the promotion of flagship projects, additional funding was provided for the promotion of projects of the Commission for Technology and Information (CTI) for the period from 2013 to 2020, and two Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) national research programmes (“Energy Turnaround” and “Management of Energy Consumption”) were initiated, which were concluded in 2019. The intention is to continue to promote research projects that are oriented on the objectives of Energy Strategy 2050. Clarifications regarding a corresponding follow-up programme are currently in progress.

2050 climate strategy (net zero emissions)

In August 2019, the Federal Council resolved that Switzerland is to no longer emit greenhouse gases that cannot be absorbed by natural and technical means (net zero emissions target). This target will ensure that Switzerland can make its contribution towards the limitation of global climate warming to below 1.5° C, and thus forms the basis for its 2050 climate strategy, which is currently being prepared by the Federal Office for the Environment in cooperation with various other units of the federal administration. The Federal Council is to examine the proposed strategy by the end of 2020. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy’s 2050 energy perspectives will form an important basis for the new strategy.

Last modification 16.03.2020

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