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Open government data (OGD) refers to the active publication of public sector data not protected by law for free consultation and reuse.

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) systematically applies the federal government's OGD Strategy 2019‒2023 and the principle of “open data by default”. The SFOE regularly publishes new data on the Swiss Open Government Data portal ( and strives to continually improve the quality and openness of its data, in line with the five-star model.


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  • Marktpreis gemäss Art. 3 f, Abs. 3 EnV – 2009 - 2014. Massgebend für die Festlegung des KEV-Zuschlages auf Basis der mengengewichteten Preise gemäss SWISSIX Base und Berücksichtigung des Wechselkurses.
    Marktpreis gemäss Art. 3 f, Abs. 3 EnV – 2009 - 2014

    Publication date: 01.01.2015
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