New framework conditions for developing the network

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The new Federal Act on the Conversion and Expansion of the Electricity Grid (Electricity Network Strategy) improves the framework conditions and thus the prerequisites for the optimisation and the necessary development of the electricity networks. The aim is to put electricity networks in place that meet demand within the required time frame. Most of the provisions of the new laws and ordinances entered into force on 1 June 2019.

Overview of the Electricity Network Strategy

Partial revision of Acts: Amendments to ordinances:

Electricity Act (SR 734.0)

Electricity Supply Act (SR 734.7)

Electricity Supply Ordinance (SR 734.71)

Transmission Lines Ordinance (SR 734.31)

Ordinance on the Planning Approval Procedure for Electrical Systems (SR 734.25)

Geoinformation Ordinance (SR 510.620)

Ordinance on Supervisory Fees in the Energy Sector (SR 730.05)

Ordinance on Heavy Current Installations (SR 734.2)

Ordinance on the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (SR 734.24)

Ordinance on Low-Voltage Installations (SR 734.27)

DETEC Ordinance on Exemptions relating to Network Access in the Cross-Border Transmission Network (SR 734.713.3)

The four key aspects of the electricity network strategy

  1. Guidelines on the optimisation and development of the Swiss electricity networks
  2. Optimisation of the approval procedure for electricity supply line projects
  3. Criteria and guidelines for decisions regarding the question of underground cables or overhead lines
  4. Raising the level of acceptance and transparency of supply line projects


Commentaries on the new legislative and regulatory provisions

Reports and studies

Presentations "Electricity grid strategy"

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