Small hydropower programme

The main objective of the Small hydropower programme is to cost-effectively exploit the existing potential for expansion of small-scale plants by directly and indirectly promoting appropriate projects.

The main activities of the programme involve:

  • Information and advice (five information agencies in the three principle languages)
  • Assistance in application for subsidies
  • Support for rough analysis, location assessment and project appraisal (contribution to costs)
  • Problem analysis and project support (contribution to costs)
  • Media communication, Internet site and electronic newsletter (three issues per year) and presence at selected events
  • Networking with various players (plant owners and operators, planners, industry, authorities, environmental organisations, fisheries, etc.)

The Research and Development sector (R&D) has been an integral part of the Hydropower Research Programme since 2008.

The contacts listed below handle questions about projects in rivers and streams and in the drinking water and waste water power plant sectors

  • German-speaking Switzerland
    Swiss Small Hydro, c/o Skat, Vadianstrasse 42, 9000 St. Gallen
    Tel. 079 373 70 47, E-mail
  • French-speaking Switzerland
    Aline Choulot, Informations Suisse Romande, MHyLab, 1354 Montcherand
    Tel. 024 442 87 87, Fax 024 441 36 54, E-mail
  • Ticino
    Marco Tkatzik, Ingegneria Impiantistica TKM Sagl, Vicolo del Gabi 2, 6596 Gordola
    Tel. 091 745 30 11, Fax 091 745 27 16, E-mail

Specialist staff
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