Responsibilities of the SFOE

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy has some important duties to perform with respect to the enforcement of legislation governing nuclear energy. It is required to prepare the bases for decisions to be taken by the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), the Federal Council and Parliament concerning licences for nuclear power plants, research reactors and for repositories for the disposal of nuclear waste. It also deals with all legal issues in this area.

Furthermore, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy also defines principles concerning the disposal of radioactive waste and runs the secretariat of the Federal Workgroup for Nuclear Waste Disposal. The main tasks of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy concern the implementation of the federal deep geological repository plan, and the coordination of the procedure for selecting a suitable site.

It is also responsible for licensing the transport of nuclear fuels and radioactive waste, and for ensuring compliance with the legal provisions governing the securing of decommissioning and disposal costs. It is responsible for the supervision and monitoring of the national nuclear fuel supply, and is required to carry out other tasks that arise in association with bilateral and multilateral commitments entered into by Switzerland in the areas of nuclear fuel cycles and monitoring of exports of nuclear goods.

The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) is responsible for supervising the safety of nuclear installations in Switzerland. It is an independent federal institution under public law.


Sessions of the IAEA General Conference

Guidelines Safeguards

Forms Safeguards

Verpflichtungserklärungsformular für Einfuhren von nuklearen Gütern nach Art. 23 GKV

Meldeformular für Ausfuhren von Deuterium

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