Security of electricity supplies

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The security of electricity supplies lies within the responsibility of the electricity industry. The State on the other hand is responsible for establishing a suitable legal framework for the industry and only intervenes if the electricity industry is no longer able to guarantee a secure supply of electricity.

Such interventions consist of implementing measures stipulated in the National Economic Supply Act (NESA) to promptly remedy short-term deficits in the electricity supply and subsidiary measures under article 9 of the Federal Electricity Supply Act (StromVG) to guarantee the mid-term and long-term supply. The Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom) systematically monitors the security of electricity supplies. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) elaborates scenarios (energy perspectives) in the energy sector and evaluates such in respect of the political measures (laws and by-laws) required in the energy field.

A significant element in electricity supply is the principle of subsidiarity whereby primarily those tasks are regulated which cannot be taken care of by the electricity industry (in principle, private measures take priority over state measures).

More information and documentation on the security of electricity supplies can be found on the following pages.


Responsibilities in the field of security of electricity supplies - Report to ESPEC-N

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