Revision of the Federal Electricity Supply Act

In February 2014 the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) began revising the Federal Electricity Supply Act (ESA), in order to bring it into harmony with the 2050 Energy Strategy.

The partial revision of the Energy Supply Act is intended to bring about changes to the structure of the electricity market with the aim of safeguarding long-term security of supply, improving economic efficiency and strengthening the position of renewable energies in the market. The plan is to prepare the ground for the complete opening of the electricity market. The amendments will also seek to iron out regulatory shortcomings in the existing law and optimise provisions regarding the polluter pays principle and the efficiency and transparency of network regulation; it will also clarify certain roles and responsibilities.

On 17 October, the Federal Council opened consultation proceedings on the proposed revision of the Electricity Supply Act. The consultation runs until 31 January 2019.



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