Transmission Lines sectoral plan

The Electricity Transmission Lines sectoral plan is an overlying federal government planning and co-ordination instrument for the expansion and further development of the high-voltage (220 to 380 kV) transmission lines for general electricity supply, and the 132 kV transmission lines of Swiss Federal Railways for the operation of its network. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is responsible for this sectoral plan in co-operation with the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE).

In March 2009, the Federal Council defined the strategic networks for the general electricity supply and the supply of electricity for Swiss Federal Railways, together with the transmission line construction projects up to 2015, and thus underscored the importance of these networks and the associated transmission line projects for supply security in Switzerland. The plan sets out to assess demand and corridor variations for transmission line projects, identify conflicts and find solutions for resolving them, and determine the most suitable corridor for planned transmission line construction projects.


Project dossier 611

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Adaptation Transmission lines plan March 6, 2009: strategic grids

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