Steering committee

The steering committee is an arbitration board that deals with complaints relating to the use of the Swiss system of certification of origin in accordance with the relevant DETEC ordinance. Its main duty is to act on behalf of the involved parties in seeking an amicable out-of-court settlement as quickly as possible to disputes concerning the application of the Swiss certification or origin system, including its underlying documents and agreements.

Users of the certification of origin system in accordance with the DETEC ordinance, and the accredited body can lodge a written complaint with the steering committee. Complaints should be addressed to the secretariat of the Certification of Origin Steering Committee, c/o Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), 3003 Bern. They must clearly designate the counterparty, describe the subject matter of the complaint, and include a petition and substantiation. The steering committee will deal with a complaint if the subject matter lies within its sphere of jurisdiction and the complainant presents evidence of a justified interest.


Regulation about the Steering committee

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