Wind Energy research programme

The objective of the Wind Energy research programme is to provide support to expand the use of wind energy in Switzerland. In view of the special natural region which constitutes Switzerland, acknowledged international findings are not always directly applicable. Because of the lack of experience in this field, there is considerable uncertainty among the population, which, coupled with the federally structured planning and authorisation procedure, leads to long delays. The focus of promotion is on wind-energy relevant research of a technical nature.

Current research priorities

Optimisation of yield per plant and park

  • Optimisation of plant, optimisation of control
  • Design of wind parks

Reduction in outage times

  • Technical optimisation (e.g., icing-up)
  • Optimisation of method (e.g., wind forecasts)


  • Speeding up procedures
  • Accompanying research in wind power and other disciplines only in cooperation with other federal offices/institutions with financial support from the latter

Specialist staff
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