Radioactive Wastes

The Radioactive Wastes research programme is determined in accordance with the guidelines given by the Swiss Federal Workgroup for Nuclear Waste Disposal (Agneb). The programme covers independent research projects and studies on interdisciplinary and/or interoffice questions concerning disposal at state level that are not dealt with by other departments or for which no other body is responsible. Agneb can propose topics for studies, etc., point out gaps in knowledge and learn from the results. Responsibility for carrying out a research project is borne by the project management appointed by Agneb. Agneb takes care of quality assurance and communication.

Current research priorities

For 2017 to 2020

  • Preservation of knowledge and concepts for marking the repository
  • Accompanying research on regional participation (stage 2)
  • Wastes from medicine, industry and research after sealing
  • Monitoring from the interdisciplinary standpoint
  • Ethics and protection objectives

Specialist staff
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Head of Programme

Philippe Schaub

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