Heat Pumps and Refrigeration

A heat pump is a highly efficient piece of technology that harnesses an otherwise unusable source of heat (anergy) using the minimum exergy (such as electricity) making it available for space heating, water heating or industrial processes. This makes the technology very significant for the future housing stock, which will do without fossil fuels, and for increasing efficiency in trade and commerce, in industry and in mobility systems. The growing need for cooling and refrigeration means better refrigeration systems are required and these devices are technically identical to heat pumps.

Swiss companies and research institutes have been deeply involved in the development of heat pump technology since the beginning and are still well positioned in the international market as well as being involved in EU and IEA projects.

The objective of this SFOE research programme is to expand this competence by giving targeted support for advanced innovation.

Current research priorities

  • High-efficiency heat pumps and refrigeration systems
  • Intelligent heat pumps and additive energy systems
  • Heat pumps with a broad, flexible temperature regime
  • Innovative heat pumps for industrial processes
  • Heat pumps for non-conventional applications


News aus der Wärmepumpen-Forschung: Berichte der Jahrestagung des Forschungsprogramms Wärmepumpen und Kältetechnik des Bundesamts für Energie (BFE)

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