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Technology services

The Swiss Association for Technology Transfer (swiTT) constantly publishes technology offers from Swiss research institutions. Its "swiTTlist" also contains offers from the energy sector (search term, "energy"). 


Other technology offers from countries within the EU are available from the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) database: 


Energy Connect project platform

Energy Connect allows firms from the energy sector to partner up with leading Swiss higher education institutions. Firms and universities can use the platform to post ideas for all kinds of project (research, innovation, demo, pilot, student) or workshops, and so search for suitable partners. 


Swiss Innovation Monitor

The Swiss Environment & Energy Innovation Monitor is a continuously updated database, in use since 2014 and online since 2018. It provides information on innovative Swiss start-ups and companies in the environment and energy business sectors.

Public research partners and foundations

A comprehensive list of research groups that are active in the energy sector is available on the website of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). In order to view a list of research groups in a specific segment of the energy sector you can filter by research topic. 


As an aid to finding potential sources of financing, the FOEN has compiled a list of 650 foundations that are active in the environment and energy sectors: 


Cleantech companies

Companies and private-sector research partners can be entered in the corporate database of the export platform for Swiss cleantech companies. This database can be used for carrying out systematic company searches by segments and sub-segments:


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