In the coming decades, Switzerland will have to transform its energy system. Research has an important role to play in this. However, the solutions from research must be communicated and implemented and scaled in practice – a task of knowledge and technology transfer (KTT).

In SWEET, the main responsibility for KTT lies with the consortia. The SWEET Office supports them with specific tools and activities. As a first measure, a KTT toolbox was developed based on the experiences of the previous SCCER programme. It is intended to give the consortia fresh impulses for their knowledge transfer and to motivate them to try out new, innovative approaches.

What impact do we want to achieve with KTT for SWEET?

The innovations developed by the SWEET consortia are made available to all target groups through suitable channels. Stakeholders from science, industry, politics and society are involved at an early stage to ensure that the innovations are fully exploited and thus contribute to reaching Switzerland's energy and climate-policy goals.

SWEET KTT Toolbox – 30 method cards, 6 project phases, 5 criteria

The box contains 30 cards with well-known KTT methods for the interaction with stakeholders, which have been newly compiled especially for the SWEET consortia. Each card describes one method and is colour-coded to a specific project phase. In addition, the cards have been categorised according to five criteria and perforated accordingly. With the help of a stick, the cards that correspond to the desired mix of criteria can be quickly filtered out. Experiences with the individual methods can be written directly on the respective card. Further methods can be added on coloured blank cards.


A first digital teaser of the toolbox can be found under "Documents". The Toolbox is only available in English.

The toolbox is primarily aimed at SWEET consortia. It is intended to provide low-threshold access to the topic, to provide inter- and transdisciplinary teams with new impulses for their KTT activities and to promote dialogue within the project team. The toolbox is well suited for use in workshops with internal and external stakeholders.

The toolbox is provided to SWEET consortia by the SWEET Office. However, the toolbox can also be used by researchers in other thematic areas and by authorities and practitioners.


Last modification 22.04.2022

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