Further measures

The following measures required no changes in legislation and are not part of the Energy Strategy 2050 legislative package debated by Parliament. They were already implemented under former law and are being continued under the new legislation.

SwissEnergy programme

Various actors have an important role to play in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies: the federal government, the cantons, the communes, enterprises, environmental and consumer organisations and, of course, the public. SwissEnergy is the central platform which keeps all the different actors informed and aware, networks them, coordinates them and facilitates the exchange of know-how.

Pilot, demonstration and beacon programme

With the help of pilot and demonstration programmes, new technologies coming from research are tested in practice and publicised. More funding is now available for these programmes. The flagship programme has also been launched. Flagship projects are special demonstration projects carried out in a "transparent workshop". The aim is to develop a widespread appeal with new technologies and system solutions and so enable Switzerland's energy future to be experienced directly.

The Confederation as an energy role model

The Federal Administration and enterprises close to the public sector want to make a concrete contribution to Switzerland's energy future and play a model role in this area. In a declaration of intent they have stated that by the year 2020 they aim to increase their energy efficiency by 25%.

Last modification 18.01.2018

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