Electric lighting

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Lighting accounts for around 12 percent of Switzerland's total electricity consumption. In addition to the lamps themselves (light bulbs and other illuminants), luminaires and in some cases control mechanisms are also required for producing light. For the efficient production of good quality light, the various components have to be optimally matched.

Efficiency and declaration requirements exist for various lamps, and in some cases for their control mechanisms and luminaires.

In the legal documentation of the EU, the term "lamp" refers exclusively to the light source. The SFOE has adopted this usage, even though in Switzerland the term is used to refer to both the light source (e.g. energy-efficient lamp) and the device itself (e.g. table lamp).

The Swiss Federal Energy Ordinance stipulates that lamps and luminaires must be declared using the energy label. For lamps, in addition to the energy efficiency category, the label also indicates the power consumption per 1000 operating hours, and for luminaires, with which energy efficiency category of the light bulbs and other illuminants the luminaire is compatible.

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