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The Swiss buildings stock consumes approximately 90 TWh, i.e. 40 per cent of the total end energy demand in Switzerland. Buildings also account for about one third of Switzerland’s CO2 emissions.

Energy Strategy 2050 (Switzerland’s new energy policy) aims to reduce the energy consumption of the Swiss buildings park to 65 TWh by 2050. In addition, to achieve the Paris climate agreement objectives the Federal Council has decided to reduce net CO2 emissions to zero by 2050.

Exploiting the still considerable savings potential in the buildings sector is of great economic interest. Buildings also account for a substantial amount of materials consumed, waste products, and the environmental harm caused by our society.

The federal government – and thus the SFOE – only plays a subsidiary role in the regulation of energy use in buildings. The Federal Constitution stipulates that the cantons are primarily responsible for implementing measures to regulate energy consumption in buildings (Article 89, paragraph 4).



Buildings stock 2050 – SFOE vision


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