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The fossil energy sources used today (oil, natural gas, coal, oil sands and oil shales) are mixtures of hydrocarbons produced from natural transformation of organic matter over millions of years.

Thanks to its topography and high levels of annual rainfall, Switzerland has ideal conditions for the utilisation of hydropower.

The Supervision and Safety (ASI) division is responsible for all duties of the SFOE in the areas of supervision and risk and safety management.

The "new" renewables including solar, wood, biomass, wind, geothermal and ambient heat play an increasingly important role in today's Swiss energy mix.

Die Bedeutung von Energietechniken und -technologien als Instrumente einer fortschrittlichen Energiepolitik kann in einer liberalen und marktwirtschaftlich orientierten Gesellschaft nicht hoch genug eingeschätzt werden.

In Switzerland, nuclear energy is used solely for peaceful purposes, e.g. for producing electricity and for application in medicine, industry and research.

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy compiles statistics concerning Switzerland’s energy supply and consumption.

The energy research carried out in the public sector is based on the energy research concept of the federal government, which is revised every four years by the Swiss Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE).

The Cleantech Section is the point of contact within the SFOE for the support of pilot, demonstration and flagship projects, as well as for the promotion of knowledge and technology transfer. It also coordinates dialogue between industry, the scientific community, and the political arena.

Switzerland's supply of electricity to end users is secured by approximately 700 companies.

In addition to legal instruments, the energy policies of the federal government and the cantons are also based on the presentation of energy perspectives as well as on strategies, implementation programmes and the evaluation of energy-related measures at the municipal, cantonal and federal levels.

Here you will find information about the main legal instruments for the federal government in the area of energy.

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