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Revision of the Federal Electricity Supply Act

Work on revising the Federal Electricity Supply Act (StromVG), which was suspended in March 2011, was resumed by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) in February 2014 – with the aim of bringing the Act into harmony with the finalised Energy Strategy 2050. The second stage of liberalisation of the electricity market is not affected by this revision of the legislation; a separate schedule has been established for this phase.

The aim of the current revision is to close existing gaps in legislation and to check new regulations for conformity with the changing conditions in the electricity industry. In view of the significance of the Act, a deep analysis of the impact of the regulations will be carried out jointly by SECO and the SFOE.

The internal work on the legislation involves five sub-projects (working groups):

  • Regulation of incentives and quality;
  • Market design (including regulation of system services and electricity storage);
  • Aspects pertaining to the grid (in particular the requirements for smart grids [including metrology and area grids]);
  • Pricing policy (in particular further development of the grid usage model);
  • Legal questions (basic amendments to the Act and special topics of law in the main)

Since summer 2014 external stakeholders have been incorporated into the process by means of a monitoring group (StromVG working group).

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Last update: 22.04.2015

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