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Electricity statistics

The electricity statistics evaluate the production of electricity and the consumption of electrical energy in Switzerland, and compare the findings with those of other countries.

Water levels of reservoirs

A weekly report ("Füllungsgrad der Speicherseen") is published that indicates the water levels of reservoirs in the regions of Valais, Grisons, Ticino and elsewhere in the country as of each Sunday at midnight.

Weekly electricity statistics

Weekly figures concerning electricity production, international trading and consumption in Switzerland are published for each Wednesday. The resulting tables  are updated on a monthly basis.

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Media release dated 20 april 2018 – Electricity consumption up 0.4% in 2017
Media release dated 21 april 2017 – Electricity consumption stable in 2016
Media release dated 19 april 2016 – Electricity consumption up 1.4% in 2015
Media release dated 16 april 2015 – Electricity consumption falls 3.1% in 2014
Media release dated 10 april 2014 – Electricity consumption up 0.6 percent in 2013
Contact: Natalia Stamm und Gerold Truniger
Last update: 20.04.2018

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