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Criteria and categories


The 2018 Watt d'Or may be awarded to projects, individual players and organisations that meet the following criteria:

  1. Projects must have been realised in the period between August 2016 and July 2017, or the activities of private individuals or organisations must have been taken place during that period.
  2. Projects must be of an innovative nature and have to demonstrate significant progress versus the previous status of technology.
  3. A distinct energy-related benefit must be identifiable as far as Switzerland's energy policy is concerned, or benefits must result in terms of comfort or economic viability, or in the social sphere. A certain degree of priority will be attached to projects that incorporate various aspects of energy, environment, technology, economic viability, etc.
  4. Projects or activities on the part of individual players or organisations should not only be of interest to specialists, but should also be comprehensible and attractive to the general public.


Watt d'Or is awarded in the following four categories:

  1. Energy technologies
  2. Renewable energy
  3. Energy-efficient mobility
  4. Buildings and space

Further information

Media release dated 7 January 2016 – Bundesamt für Energie verleiht zum zehnten Mal den Schweizer Energiepreis Watt d'Or (in German)
Media release dated 29 May 2015 – 10 Jahre Watt d'Or: Jetzt brillante Energieprojekte zum Jubiläum einreichen (in German)
Media release dated 8 January 2015 – Bundesamt für Energie verleiht zum neunten Mal den Schweizer Energiepreis Watt d'Or (in German)
Last update: 05.01.2017

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