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The documents listed below may be ordered free of charge in printed form from Olivia Schneider. Phone +41 (0)58 465 07 35.

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Sectoral Plan for Deep Geological Repositories
Spatial planning
Socioeconomic and ecological study
Regional participation
Issues of "Focus" dealing with radioactive waste management (in German and French only)
Newsletter Tiefenlager (only in German)
Disposal concept
Disposal planning
Annual reports of the Swiss Federal Workgroup for Nuclear Waste Disposal
Reports of the Decommissioning and Disposal Funds
Survey regarding radioactive waste disposal
Karten und Liste der betroffenen Gemeinden
Inventory of social structures in the Deep Geological Repository Sectoral Plan process
Demonstration of feasibility
Contact: Olivia Schneider
Last update: 27.10.2014

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