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Search for suitable sites for deep geological repositories

 Position and interrelationships for the sectoral plan for deep geological repositories
The search for suitable sites for deep geological repositories is regulated by the "Deep Geological Repository" sectoral plan which allows for a transparent, comprehensible and binding selection procedure. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE has the overall responsibility.

The Deep Geological Repository sectoral plan guarantees the inclusion of the involved cantons and communes, as well as the relevant authorities in neighbouring countries at an early stage. The general population and all interested organisations receive comprehensive information and are also given an opportunity to actively participate.

The main principles of the sectoral plan are as follows

  • The protection of humans and the environment is of the highest priority. Safety takes precedence over aspects relating to land use, economy and society.
  • Intensive co-operation is required with the communes and population in the chosen siting regions. A regional participation procedure will be established.
  • The search for suitable sites needs to be communicated transparently.

The search for suitable sites takes place in three stages. Then the Federal Council will make a decision about a site for low and intermediate level waste, and one for high-level waste or for a single site for all waste categories (general licence). After the decision has been taken by the Federal Council it has to be adopted by Parliament and may have to be approved by the electorate if the option of a national referendum is called for.

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Further information

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Three stages
Contact: Seraina Branschi
Last update: 30.11.2011

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