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Division of roles

To ensure that the procedure for the search for sites is transparent and comprehensible, the division of roles among all involved players needs to be clearly defined. The various duties and obligations of these players are specified in the Deep Geological Repository sectoral plan. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy is leading the site selection procedure.
General Licence procedure
General Licence procedure General Licence procedure
The division of roles among the various parties, Nagra, the federal State (Swiss Confederation) and the cantons, is clearly defined. The selection procedure takes place under the aegis of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The Office also leads and coordinates the process as well as organising the consultation and cooperation processes and participation in the regions. Providing the necessary information to the public is another task assigned to the Office. The Cantons support the Swiss Federal Office of Energy in conducting the local consultation procedure and in cooperating with the communes.

Nagra's role is to elaborate the necessary geological information required for the search for sites and to propose potential locations. The federal authorities monitor each stage of the selection procedure. The Federal Council decides whether each of the three stages has been concluded successfully. On conclusion of the site selection procedure, the Federal Council is also responsible for issuing the licence(s) for deep geological repositories. The Federal Council's decision to licence sites will be submitted for approval to Parliament. Voters will have the last word on the matter through a national referendum.

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Last update: 30.11.2011

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