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Three stages

By the end of the first of the three stages, the areas suitable for a deep geological repository will have been determined. In the second and third stages, a thorough study will be made into whether sites meet safety-related requirements as well as the spatial planning and socio-economic impacts of site selection. Once the procedure is concluded, Nagra will submit an application for construction licenses for deep geological repositories for approval by the Federal Council and Parliament. The plan is still subject to a referendum at this stage.
 Selection of sites in 3 stages
In stage 1 the main focus is on identifying suitable siting areas based on safety and geological criteria. In October 2008, the National Co-operative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) proposed siting areas on the basis of existing knowledge of geological conditions.

In stage 2 the focus is on participation: the proposed siting regions have an opportunity to participate in the specification of the repository projects and in studies on the socio-economic effects and spatial planning impacts. The various sites also have to be compared from the point of view of safety before Nagra can propose at least two per waste category.

In stage 3 the remaining potential sites have to be examined in greater detail. In order to obtain equivalent knowledge in terms of safety, it will be probably necessary to carry out geological studies, including drilling exploration shafts. Before applications for general licences can be submitted, the principles governing compensation measures and the monitoring of social, economic and ecological impacts have to be formulated, and the question of form of compensation has to be dealt with.

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Last update: 30.11.2011

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