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The Federal Council adopted the conceptual part of the "Deep Geological Repository" sectoral plan on 2 April 2008, in which the objectives of the federal State (Swiss Confederation) are defined, together with the various procedures and criteria according to which the site selection procedure for all waste categories is to be carried out in Switzerland. Here the long-term safety of human beings and protection of the environment are of the highest priority.
The "Deep Geological Repository" sectoral plan specifies the rules governing the search for suitable sites.
Stringent requirements in terms of geological stability will therefore be a decisive factor in the site selection procedure. In addition to safety criteria, the selection procedure also has to take account of socio-economic and spatial planning aspects. These vary from region to region, and can only be developed with the participation of the involved cantons and regions. In view of this, the concept calls for regional participation. It also defines the overall three-stage procedure and describes the co-operation with the cantons, involved communes, federal authorities and neighbouring states.

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Deep Geological Repository sectoral plan
Contact: Seraina Branschi
Last update: 30.11.2011

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