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A deep geological repository for low and intermediate level radioactive waste will be ready for operation by approximately 2050, and a repository for high-level waste will not be available until 2060 (approximately). The timetable below lists the most important milestones:

Conceptual part of the sectoral plan January to April 2007 Consultation procedure on the rules for the search for sites (conceptual part of the Deep Geological Repository sectoral plan).
April 2008 Federal Council adopts the rules (conceptual part of the Deep Geological Repository" sectoral plan).
Implementation 2008 to approx. 2027 Search for suitable sites in three stages in accordance with the conceptual part of the sectoral plan. At the end of stage 3, Nagra submits applications for licences for deep geological repositories.
Approx. 2027 Federal Council decides on the sites for the deep geological repositories (licensing procedure).
Approx. 2028/29 Federal Council's decision has to be approved by Parliament. Parliamentary decision is subject to an optional national referendum.
Construction   Additional studies, construction of access shafts, including underground exploration, construction and operation of on-site laboratory, procedure for construction licence and operating licence for deep geological repositories.
Low/intermediate level1: 2050 (approx.)
High-level2: 2060 (approx.)
Start of operation

1Low/intermediate level waste: This waste results from the operation and later dismantling of nuclear power plants, and from the healthcare sector, industry and research.

2High-level waste: This includes spent fuel elements and vitrified fission products resulting from reprocessing.

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