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Special event – Public, specialists and authorities: How is "good" communication possible?

As a conclusion to the research project "Communication with society", a meeting was held on 23 September 2009 to discuss "Communication in the site selection process for deep geological repositories". During speeches and a podium discussion, the experience gained in Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland were outlined and principles for good communication were deduced from the exchanges.
Special Event – Public, specialists and authorities
The main point appears to be that to increase understanding in the population communication has to be credible, comprehensible, adapted to target groups and open. In addition, communication on the subject of radioactive waste management and deep geological repositories should be long-term oriented and take place regularly, since those in the general public who are directly affected are not very familiar with these themes.

The results of the "Communication with the society" research project are being used as the basis for a working paper on communication in the siting regions. This paper will help the authorities in these regions to fulfil their obligations regarding information about the site selection procedure.

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Contact: Seraina Branschi
Last update: 30.11.2011

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