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The federal State (Swiss Confederation) has a duty to guarantee independent research concerning radioactive waste disposal. For this purpose it runs a research programme covering the needs of the Confederation in this field until 2016.
Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE manages projects in the fields of human and social sciences and the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) the regulatory security research.

The projects managed by SFOE cover the priorities listed below:

  • Long-term aspect
  • Sectoral planning procedure
  • Ethical and legal aspects

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Further information

Radioactive waste research programme
Media release dated 20 June 2013 – Forschungsprogramm Radioaktive Abfälle: Die Schwerpunkte 2013-2016 (in German)
Special event – Public, specialists and authorities: How is "good" communication possible?
Contact: Simone Brander
Last update: 20.06.2013

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