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Waste volume

Each year approximately 120 cubic metres (m3) of untreated radioactive waste arises from nuclear power plants. Further waste stems from uses in healthcare, industry and research. The main bulk of the waste will come from dismantling of nuclear power plants and research reactors. By the time the existing nuclear power plants reach the end of their specified service life of 50 years, the total volume of waste to be disposed of will be about 100,000 m3.
 Source: Nagra
Of the total volume of waste, 90% is low and intermediate level waste and 10% consists of high-level waste. This latter category contains 99% of the radiotoxicity of all waste products. Waste from healthcare, industry and research make up about one-third of the total waste volume.

The volume of waste occurring is dependent on the operational lifetime of nuclear power plants and the period of time during which waste from healthcare, industry and research is collected. Nagra has presented an overview of the anticipated volumes in its disposal programme.

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