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In order to achieve its objectives, the SFOE has a workforce of around 270 employees, who are responsible for the following main areas of activity:
  • Preparation and implementation of a coherent energy policy, and preparation and enforcement of the necessary legislation and programmes.
  • Promotion of research and development in the area of economical and efficient energy use and the use of renewable forms of energy.
  • Dealing with issues relating to the energy industry and energy technology.
  • Processing and granting of licences in the area of nuclear energy.
  • Licensing of electrical systems for which the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations is not responsible.
  • Licensing of pipeline systems.
  • Appropriate utilisation of hydropower and its regulation on bodies of water bordering neighbouring countries.
  • Technical and operational safety of dams and reservoirs, as well as pipeline systems in Switzerland.
SFOE organisational chart
SFOE organisational chart

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Last update: 04.01.2019

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