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Media and Political Affairs

The Media and Political Affairs (AMP) division functions as an interface between the Federal Council, the SFOE, Parliament, the cantons, the economy, the media and society. It ensures that the energy business conducted by the Federal Council and Parliament is prepared correctly and punctually, and that it is communicated in an appropriate manner. In cooperation with the administration, the division promotes the exchange of information with the cantons and handles inquiries from the media and private citizens. As the internal interface the division coordinates media and public relations activities and makes sure energy-related themes are prepared appropriately to reach various groups across all forms of media, e.g., on the SFOE's website, in energeia, and on the SFOE blog The division also assists in the publication of numerous multilingual reports, brochures and information in other forms and is responsible for quality control and adherence to the division's corporate design. It also awards the annual Watt d'Or prize for excellence in the energy sector and organises the Swiss Energy Innovation Days in cooperation with various other countries.

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Last update: 01.01.2016

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