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Energy Economy Division

The Energy Economy (AEW) division is the central contact point for national energy policy issues, and supports the International Energy Affairs (IN) section with issues relating to Swiss energy policy in an international context. It is responsible for the preparation of energy policy and energy economy fundamentals, including impact analyses, statistics and long-term energy perspectives. It plans annual audits of external institutions, manages federal government subsidies and is responsible for the development of the conceptual principles of risk management. It is also responsible for the development of new energy policy instruments and the further development of existing ones, as well as for defining the conditions for the electricity and gas markets and for long-term supply security. It coordinates Switzerland's energy policy in the international context. Other areas of focus of this section include the coordination of national energy research and its integration into the domestic and international environment, and the planning, coordination and implementation of all measures aimed at promoting energy-efficient and sustainable mobility.

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Last update: 01.01.2016

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