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"Minergie" is the name of Switzerland's construction standard for new and modernised buildings. It is jointly supported by the industry, the cantons and the federal government, and is protected against misuse. Its focus is on the comfort of building occupants at home and in the workplace, as well as on energy efficiency, quality and maximum preservation of value. Comfort is assured through the use of a highly efficient building shell and the systematic renewal of air. The most notable features of Minergie buildings are very low energy consumption and the highest possible proportion of renewable energy use.

There are three Minergie building standards: Minergie, Minergie-P and Minergie-A. These were all subjected to a comprehensive revision at the beginning of 2017 and already comply with the new energy legislation provisions in all cantons (in accordance with "MuKen 2014", the model provisions of the cantons in the area of energy).

The Minergie standard for low-energy buildings is addressed to developers and planners who place high demands on quality, comfort and energy efficiency. Minergie-P is the standard for buildings with the lowest energy consumption. It meets high requirements in terms of quality, comfort and energy consumption, above all thanks to the outstanding building shell. Minergie-A combines the highest quality and comfort requirements with the greatest possible degree of energy autonomy thanks to the use of large photovoltaic systems, batteries and careful load management.

Step-by-step modernisation is facilitated through the specification of five basic Minergie system solutions, while the aspects of health and building ecology can be taken into account with the aid of the supplementary product, "ECO".

More than 43,000 buildings in Switzerland have been certified to date on the basis of one of the three Minergie standards. Minergie sharpens the focus on the essentials and promotes simple, yet innovative and sustainable solutions.

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