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The research programmes

Federal government energy research

The main objectives of energy research in Switzerland are to guarantee a secure and sustainable energy supply, promote Switzerland as a centre of technological research and development, and maintain the high quality of Swiss research. Publicly funded energy research is carried out in line with the federal government energy research concept, which is updated every four years by the Swiss Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE). The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is responsible for the implementation of this concept.

Priorities of the Heat Pumps, Cogeneration, Refrigeration research programmes

The programmes support all efforts to improve conversion principles. On the one hand, the appliances and components need to be further developed and improved. This includes the main devices used in a heat pump: compressor, heat exchanger, control and adjustment devices, ventilators. And on the other hand, significant improvements could be achieved through the more carefully conceived integration and networking of the various elements such as heat source, heat pump and heat distribution system. With cogeneration power plants, one of the main focuses is on the conversion of heat at around 250° C, and how it can also be generated from the combustion of biofuels, through solar energy or through the use of waste heat. With respect to cooling systems, the main focus is on improving the various components and system integration.

The priorities at a glance:

  • Increase in efficiency
  • System optimisation
  • Cost reduction through standardisation
  • Cogeneration: reduction of pollutant emissions, increase in reliability

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Last update: 03.09.2012

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