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Objectives / concepts

Each programme is intended to function as an instrument for the promotion of research and development in its respective area (heat pumps, cogeneration, refrigeration). They support their own projects as well as projects initiated by private sector players or public research institutions. The Swiss Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE) defined the following objectives for the period from 2008 to 2011:

  • Increase in efficiency: new technologies, development of key components, bases for the use of two-phase materials in the areas of heat storage and distribution 
  • System optimisation: Detailed studies of the overall heat source / heat pump / heat storage / heat distribution cycle, together with buildings and their use; development of systems for multiple use (heating, hot water production, cooling, heat recovery, dehumidification); adaptable regulation based on forecasts
  • Standardisation in order to reduce costs: exploration of heat sources; new methods for installing heating systems; miniaturisation of components
  • In addition (in the area of cogeneration): reduction of pollutant emissions, increase in reliability; reduction of costs.

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Contact: Stephan Renz
Last update: 03.09.2012

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