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Objectives / concepts

The SFOE is strongly committed to research projects aimed at reducing energy consumption in private motorised transport.

Here the following priorities have been defined:

  • Construction of lighter vehicles and development of more efficient and smaller forms of transport
  • Highly efficient drive systems
  • Behaviour of car buyers

Together with the Mobility section of the SwissEnergy programme and in conjunction with pilot and demonstration projects, the research findings are implemented on a broad scale within the scope of SwissEnergy, developed further and put to the test in fleet trials: 

  • Small, highly efficient forms of transport for commuters (especially two-wheelers)
  • Further development of special components
  • Fleet trials
  • System tests (e.g. forms of combined mobility)

These efforts are supervised and monitored at the scientific level. The aim here is to promote the ongoing improvement and ultimate optimisation of criteria for practical implementation, and to single out and identify opportunities and obstacles associated with introduction onto the market.

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Contact: Martin Pulfer
Last update: 27.08.2012

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