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International activities

The activities of the research programme are highly sector-specific and focus primarily on the needs of Swiss industry. To date there has been little direct international co-operation (e.g. with the EU) due to a lack of common research ground.

In order to realise the programme goals, however, measures will be required in a broad variety of groups of energy consumers. The range of involved technologies and competence centres is very broad. Generally speaking, the respective stakeholders are integrated within their own area of expertise or internationally networked or integrated into international programmes via other SFOE research programmes such as "Electricity technologies and applications", "Industrial use of solar energy", "Energy in buildings", "Heat pumps, cogeneration and refrigeration", etc. In this way, important international developments can be monitored and integrated, at least on a bottom-up basis.

In order to gradually improve direct international networking in the relevant areas of process engineering, the SFOE has established contact with the IEA Industrial Energy-Related Technologies programme.


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Contact: Carina Alles
Last update: 18.07.2012

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