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The research programme

OH chemiluminescence images of injection and combustion with 3 and 6 injection apertures in a diesel engine. Images produced at the Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems Laboratory, Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (SFOE project no. 102688).

The objectives and priorities in the field of Combustion and Cogeneration research are laid down in a revolving 4-year programme. This programme orients itself on  on the governing vision- and objectives that are defined and described in the concept of the Swiss Federal Commission on Energy Research (CORE). The energy research concept of the SFOE also applies.

Other boundary conditions for combustion and cogeneration research are set by the availability and the prices of energy carriers, regulations governing permissible levels of energy consumption, and types of fuels and emissions. The structure of the programme also has to take account of the focus of the industry and the level of research competencies available in Switzerland.

Combustion research focuses on the combustion process, which includes fuels,  injection, ignition, combustion itself, formation of pollutants and after-treatment of exhaust. It also takes account of the specific operating conditions in various systems - for example, marine engines, construction site machines or cogeneration plants. In the case of cogeneration plants the overall system has to be studied along with the integration into the power and heat supply networks.

Diagram research programmes
Diagram research programmes Diagram research programmes

Combustion is a cross-cutting technology that is divided into atmospheric combustion and stationary/instationary high-pressure combustion. Requisite fuels and resulting systems and machines are topics that are dealt with in various other SFOE research programmes, which are indicated in red in the diagram. The diagram also shows how research is categorised under the four research priorities of the CORE concept, namely Living and Working, Mobility, Energy Systems and Processes.

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