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Objectives / concepts

Research objectives

  1. Increase the exergetic efficiency of combustion systems
    To save energy carrier reserves and reduce CO2 emissions the exergy and hence  mechanical efficiency has to be improved. Increased efficiency includes the optimisation of variable load profiles or the utilization of energy in flue gases
  2. Emission reductions especially NOx and particulate matter
    A particular challenge is the reduction of plant emissions during  variable load operation. In addition to particulate matter, metal oxides and aerosols are  other relevant pollutants need to be dealt with
  3. Reduction of specific CO2 emissions
  4. Optimisation of gas systems
    Engines are increasingly run with fuels in their gaseous  phase  in engines. Natural gas, as well as biogas, hydrogen and gas mixtures are of interest
  5. Use and specification of biogenic and synthetic energy carriers
    Research is needed on the impact of fuels on combustion processes as well as the impact of combustion specifications on fuels
  6. Fundamentals and instrumentation for combustion research
    Improving combustion systems requires a better understanding and conceptualization of the highly complex steps comprising the combustion process.  Basic development and the development of research instruments, such as simulation models or test facilities  are continuing tasks
  7. Overall optimisation of cogeneration plants including integration into the power and heat supply networks
    The efficiency  and deployment  of cogeneration plants as part of the energy supply system will be increasingly determined by how such systems are integrated into upstream and downstream energy sub-systems

Research priorities for the period from 2013 to 2016

  1. Further development of research methods and instruments for second generation conventional and biogenic energy carriers 
  2. Fuel variations and  emission reduction in large diesel engines (dual fuel)
  3. Increasing efficiency and reduction of pollutant emissions of gaseous fuels in internal combustion engines 
  4. Improved knowledge of customised fuels  for diesel engines
  5. Optimisation of the overall system including the process chain of fuel mixing - ignition - combustion - exhaust gas treatment
  6. Increasing the exergy of systems through use of flue  gases
  7. Optimisation of CHP systems to supplement power generating plant using variable renewable sources (vaRES) including heat supply   
  8. Communication
    and networking of all players in Swiss combustion research

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Contact: Stephan Renz
Last update: 06.12.2013

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