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Objectives / concepts

Solar cells

Each photovoltaics concept is defined for a period of four years, and is based on the applicable energy research concept of the Swiss Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE). Each concept has to be approved by CORE as an implementation plan of the Photovoltaics research programme.

The programme aims to achieve the following main goals: The electricity produced with the aid of photovoltaics modules is to follow a cost/learning curve of 18 to 20 percent (20 percent reduction of costs while doubling the accumulative volume). To accomplish this, it will be necessary to resolutely tackle the technological and economic challenges in the coming ten to twenty years in order to maintain the existing learning curve and achieve the anticipated level of development. It is essential to develop photovoltaics technology into competitive systems in broader market segments. In Switzerland, the main focus needs to be on networked applications that can be integrated into buildings.

Specific objectives of the Photovoltaics research programme have been defined on the basis of the general objectives of the federal energy research concept for the following areas:

  • Solar cells
  • Solar modules and integration into buildings
  • Electrical systems technology
  • Related topics
  • Institutional co-operation at the international level

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Contact: Stefan Nowak
Last update: 14.11.2012

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