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Objectives / concepts

The Networks research programme is intended to function as instrument for the promotion of research in the area of energy networks and related technologies.

In the Networks research programme, studies are being carried out to assess the impacts of the changing technological, economic and legislative environment on network operation and reliability of supply. Furthermore, efforts are being made to define concepts for new forms of network infrastructure (from the regional to the transnational level), taking into account the aspects of increasing independent production and energy storage systems.

Another priority concerns the development of concepts for efficient design and management of Switzerland as an "energy hub". Here, issues such as network regulation, shortfall management, long-term network expansion and dependency on gas, electricity and heat networks have to be dealt with. In order to represent the interests of the various stakeholders, research needs to be oriented on the criteria of supply security, economic viability and sustainability. And it is also important to take account of socio-economic issues such as pricing fairness. The chart below depicts the core activities of the Networks research programme:

Core activities of the Networks research programme

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Contact: Michael Moser
Last update: 19.11.2012

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