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The research programme


In order to close the gap in the electricity supply that has to be anticipated by around 2020, production technologies that can be developed and implemented within the remaining short period of time are now of the utmost importance for Switzerland too. Gas-fired cogeneration plants are able to meet the associated requirements.

Switzerland's electricity production industry, including suppliers and the academic institutions that support it, is internationally recognised and enjoys a strong position on the market which it is important to maintain. This research programme, which was launched in 2006, is intended to help achieve this goal.

Technical and economic objectives

The main aim of the programme is to combine the various activities and coordinate them individually in order to strengthen Switzerland's position as a major centre for research and industry in the area of advanced power plant technologies. The programme is intended to secure the availability of the most suitable technologies and systems for the production of electricity in Switzerland (as well as at the international level).

To meet the declared climate objectives, it will be necessary to ensure that the processes associated with cogeneration based on gas and steam turbine technology are developed in a manner that permits the use of alternative fuels and the partial or total elimination of CO2 emissions. The main research goals are therefore as follows:

  • To increase efficiency
  • To reduce CO2 emissions
  • To promote flexible operation

In view of the extremely high demands, it is essential to focus strongly on key components.

Research priorities

To increase the electrical efficiency rate to more than 62 percent

  • By increasing the efficiency rates of components (compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, generators), by reducing the need for cool air, and by improving process parameters (pressure, temperatures)

To reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent

  • Through the use of CO2-neutral fuels, especially biomass, and by modifying processes for eliminating CO2.
    Objective: reduction of specific CO2 emissions to below 100 g per produced kWh of electricity.

Flexible, retrievable electricity production

  • Improvement of the cyclical load capacity of power plant components, improvement of load dynamics of the overall power plant process chain, new generator and (short-term) storage technologies for better support of the electricity grid

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Contact: Peter Jansohn
Last update: 05.09.2012

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