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Projects currently exist in the following fields of research:

Ceramic high-temperature fuel cells (solid-oxide fuel cells)

Ceramic high-temperature fuel cells have considerable potential for decentralised energy supply in buildings. These fuel cells can also be operated with gas, are highly efficient and can thus contribute towards the reduction of CO2 emissions. Research is primarily focusing on lengthening the service life of these fuel cells and reducing the costs of integrated systems.

Polymer fuel cells

Polymer fuel cells are particularly suitable for applications in the mobility sector. Here the focus of research is on cost reduction and increasing the degree of reliability of the cells.

Practical application (pilot and demonstration projects)

Due to budget cuts, the SFOE has directly supported very few pilot and demonstration projects over the past few years. The pilot and demonstration programme for fuel cells is currently being restructured.

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Contact: Stefan Oberholzer
Last update: 13.11.2012

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