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In collaboration with the SFOE, the Swiss Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE) formulates the federal government's energy research concept for each 4-year period. Based on this, a detailed concept is formulated for the Fuel cells research programme, and this concept has to be approved by CORE as a planning and working tool for the programme during each 4-year period. The long-term goal of the programme is to promote the development of technologies that will be required for the future use of hydrogen in areas in which fuel cells can be used on a large scale as efficient energy converters. To accomplish this, the programme wants to effectively network the existing research findings in Switzerland and co-ordinate them with international activities. In the area of fuel-cell technology there is still a significant need for research into materials. The programme is also promoting the development of long-term pilot and demonstration plants.

For the period from 2008 to 2012, the following scientific objectives are being pursued in the main projects:

  • Lengthening the service life of fuel cells and increasing their degree of reliability: this includes research into new membranes for polymer fuel cells, and the development of methods for the accelerated ageing of fuel cells in order to study degradation mechanisms.
  • System integration: use of fuel cells in products for niche markets such as uninterruptible power supply, alternative batteries for portable devices, stationary supply of electricity and heat.

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Last update: 13.11.2012

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