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Supervision of pipeline structures

Approximately 50 percent of the FPI's activities involve its supervision of new or renovated pipeline structures. In order for a system to be constructed or modified, the project first has to be officially approved. This is normally the duty of the relevant supervisory authority (Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Federal Pipelines Inspectorate).

The FPI supervision of pipeline structures commences with the examination of the technical documentation relating to the new components. These documents take the form of detailed plans, material certificates and specifications for the individual construction stages, e.g. pipe installation and bending, welding, weld seam testing, pressure testing.

On the site itself, every construction stage has to be supervised. This involves the following tasks:

  • Testing of materials
  • Handling of the pipe
  • Excavation of the trench
  • Insulation of the weld seams
  • Installation of protective structures, e.g. concrete slabs
  • Monitoring of welding operations
  • Evaluation of X-ray images
  • Pressure tests
  • Start-up

The supervision of pipeline structures is concluded with a detailed report.

Contact: Federal Pipelines Inspectorate
Last update: 19.09.2012

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