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Auxiliary facilities

The term "auxiliary facilities" refers to all components of a pipeline system that are not deemed part of the pipeline itself.


  • Valve stations
  • Pressure reducing and measurement stations
  • Compressor stations
  • Pump stations

The FPI is required to inspect these facilities on an annual basis. Here the following inspections and controls have to be carried out:

  • General condition
  • Access to protection zones
  • Internal and external piping
  • EX zones
  • Protection against falling trees
  • Function test of the most important equipment and fittings
  • Function test of safety equipment and verification of settings
  • Tanks (e.g. preheating) and corrosion filters
  • Condition of buildings, escape routes, fencing

Inspections of auxiliary facilities are concluded with a detailed report.

Contact: Federal Pipelines Inspectorate
Last update: 19.09.2012

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