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Press releases 2018

[ Swiss Federal Office of Energy ]
By implementing a consequent efficiency strategy, companies can save a lot of energy and money. The initiative "The Confederation: exemplary in energy" proves this. It incorporates the civil federal administration, the DDPS, the ETH Domain and the state-owned entities Swiss Post, SBB, Skyguide and Swisscom. Since 2017, Genève Aéroport and, since this year, Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) and Suva are also part of the initiative. They have all signed a joint declaration of intent with the aim of increasing energy efficiency by 25% by 2020 compared to the base year 2006. By the end of 2017, they had improved their energy efficiency by an average of 27.6% and implemented 79% of the planned joint measures. This is shown in the annual report published today. At an event at the Othmarsingen Army Logistics Centre today, the Group is providing information about its experiences and future plans. This also includes motivating other public organisations or companies to join the club of energy role models.

[ Swiss Federal Office of Energy ]
Switzerland's final energy consumption fell by 0.4% in 2017 to 849,790 terajoules (TJ) compared to 2016. One significant reason for the decline in consumption was the slightly warmer weather experienced compared to that year.

[ Swiss Federal Office of Energy ]
At 58.5 billion kilowatt hours (kWh), electricity consumption in Switzerland in 2017 was slightly higher than that for 2016 (+0.4%). Domestic production (after deduction of electricity consumed by storage pumps) was 57.3 billion kWh. The physical electricity import surplus was 5.6 billion kWh.

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Last update: 01.01.2018

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